Musings on IT in a complex world.

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This little blog will have musings on doing information technology work in a complex world.

MMWW — Media Metadata Workfilow Wizard Plugin for WordPress 3.4+


I created this plugin based on material from the Jetpack, Audio Player, and ImageEXIF plugins. I also used the Zend Media Framework.

I wrote it to scratch a personal itch: I handle a lot of media on a couple of sites I manage; we routinely publish audio and image files. Copying metadata from the files to WordPress is a nuisance, and this plugin is designed to remove that nuisance.

The plugin’s purpose is to integrate the fancy metadata that lives in modern media files with WordPress’s attachment metadata, so as to automatically populate the title and caption fields.

There’s a broad variety of metadata in media files. The Adobe tool chain (including Acrobat, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Bridge) insert xmp data: that’s the Adobe universal media format.  Image, audio, and PDF files processed by Adobe end up with xmp descriptive metadata in them.

MP3 audio files also contain ID3 metadata. JPEG files contain EXIF metadata. And some files also contain IPTC Data.

The MMWW plugin attempts to make sense of this data.

Version 0.9.0 is an early release. If you use it I hope you’ll send me any media files that aren’t interpreted properly: it’s impossible for an independent developer to have very many makes and models of camera, recorder, and media software.  



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Useful links about WP plugin development

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PHP Manual

PHP The Right Way


PDF metadata

From the CODEX

Hints and tips

Best practices

Intro catalog

Coding pitfalls

WordPress coding standards (from the codex) (single quotes where possible, tab indents, K&R braces,

Setup stuff

Installing server with PHP

Setting up to debug

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Some nice progress!

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Merrilee has done a nice post for her organizing business.  I wonder if she fixes up hard drives full of random old doc files? 

Another Test Post

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El Pital Computer Class, photograph of students

El Pital Computer Class

This is a test. My colleagues and I taught a class in El Pital, Colón, El Salvador. And here is another photo just for lulz.


Test post.

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I’ve been to Central America.  Here’s where the Jesuits were slaughtered by the American government’s proxies during the civil war. It’s at the University of Central America in San Salvador.

The point of this post was to test the uploading of dirty great hi res jpgs.  It worked.


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This is an online multibrand SQL testing platform. 

Very nice

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