Parasite prevalence and the worldwide distribution of cognitive ability — Proceedings B.

Here’s an amazing piece of statistical analysis by three researchers at the University of New Mexico, Christopher Eppig, Corey L. Fincher, and Randy Thornhill.

By analyzing datasets gathered by others, they have come up with statistical evidence that national averages of intelligence are strongly correlated to rates of parasite infection.

Correlation doesn’t imply causation, which these scientists know. But, if it can be proven that infections and infestations injure cognitive ability, then our work is cut out for us. No longer will people in wealthy countries be able to deceive ourselves into thinking we’re better. We’re just healthier. No longer will light-skinned people be able to deceive ourselves into thinking we’re smarter. We’re just healthier.

And the challenge of justice and righteousness is to spread good health everywhere. This isn’t exactly news. But the research result in this paper helps make it obvious.

Has there ever been a Nobel Prize in Medicine for health-care IT people? Maybe this is it.